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The Last Fight. Use each 1 on the Alter and then select the push choice . This time you will move the change. Climb the steps and try praying at the brand new alter. The level-210 King Orien will appear and begin attacking you with Ancient Barrage. Kill Him as quickly as you can and then beg in the Alter of Orien.

Okay that is How I think summoning could work. DO NOT FLAME ME FOR THIS! Ok, Summoning would be leveled up with you purchasing a product ( thinking of something) that lets you catch certain monsters ( NOT MEN WOMAN etc.. I mean like small npcs ect.) Some thigns like women guys, dragons and such might not work though because pf size, being a real thing human, you know. You can capture certain things like racoons, such say lvl 12 summoning? Plus the things ( still working on it) would be different for different things too.

Such as (fine sick call it a sumoners tab, even though not exactly what it will be called) a summoners tab, and also you would need different ones for different animals. When you click on the tab ( like when you click fishing ect., it shows what you can fish( same theory ) it would go into different classes, for example:

NPc tab for npcs like ability to catch a copy of it such as the puppy in varrok, and turn it into something such as a BULLDOG! Plus, heres something that could work too. You would also have the ability to use them in battle to help. Some things would help in different ways though. . Heres a listing that I think could work. Bites your oppnenent causing the quantity of damage they just caused you at the last hit. More coming soon... Also one final thing. There'll be NO different sizes for this suggestion except if they're different creatures such as a difference in the tree along with a bird since they fly. Well? Dont flame me . . Happens alote with me.

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