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Version complète : UTnice’s FIFA 22 Coins will help you realize your dream of having the strongest team
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You can start a new round of Silver Star challenge in the FIFA 22 game on Wednesday. You only need to complete 3 victories, 8 goals and 6 assists to achieve it. If you want to be in the best condition for the next few weeks, then you should complete this work immediately. In addition, on this day you can see the tenth week of the best team package, which will contain players such as Kroos, Alexander-Arnold and Rodri. So you need to prepare enough FIFA 22 Coins to draw those player cards.
Although players will get some free players by completing some basic goals in the game, if you want to have absolute strength in various games, it is also very important to have a variety of star players in the team. Therefore, you need to spend FIFA 22 Coins to withdraw the card pack that contains them. But accumulating FIFA 22 Coins in the game is very long. If you want to get it faster, you can go to UTnice to Buy FUT 22 Coins. Their selling price is not only affordable, but also safe and reliable.
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